Mechanical, Industrial and Technical Calculations.

Welcome in the help to the calculation packet MITCalc. The help includes, in addition to other things, information on how to control calculations and how to modify them, detailed descriptions of calculations and related problems, as well as various decision tables and texts that help in your designing work. The contents of the chosen chapter can be displayed by clicking on the respective text.

Introductory chapters

Control, modifications, CAD, etc.

Tables and documents

Calculation examples

Instructional videos

  1. Introduction of MITCalc
  2. V-Belt, Calculation and Design
  3. Spur Gear, Calculation and Design
  4. Shaft, Calculation and Design
  5. Shaft Connection - Key, Calculation and Design
  6. Bearings, Calculation and Design
  7. Roller Chains, Calculation and Design
  8. Shaft Connection - Involute Spline, Calculation and Design
  9. Straight Beam, Calculations and Design
  10. Slender Strut (Column) Buckling, Calculation
  11. Spur Gear - Exact 3D Model for Print or Manufacturing
  12. Worm Gear, Calculation and Design
  13. Planet Gear, Calculation and Design
  14. 15 Types of Springs, Calculations and Design
  15. Cylindrical Compression Springs, Calculations and Design
  16. Tolerances and fits, Calculation and Design
  17. Tolerance analysis of linear dimensional chains
  18. Tolerance analysis of 2-D and 3-D dimensional chains
  19. Plates (circular, annular circular, rectangular), Calculation and Design
  20. Bevel and hypoid gearing ISO 23509, design and 3D model (SOLIDWORKS)
  21. Bevel and hypoid gearing ISO 23509, design and 3D model (Inventor)
  22. Bevel and hypoid gearing ISO 23509, design and 3D model (SolidEdge)
  23. Power screw, Calculation and Design
  24. Ball screw, Calculation and Design
  25. Friction brakes and clutches, Calculation and Design

List of calculations and programs

Beams, shafts, profiles

Plates and shells


Belts and chains

Brakes, Clutches, Flywheels




Tolerances, tolerancing


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