About Us

MITCalc - Your day-to-day partner on the way to an excellent product.

It is our vision to provide intelligent calculations for everyone – engineers, students, designers, calculators, structural analysts, technologists. Calculations that are easy to understand and follow quickly through any problem from its definition to a solution. Calculations that anyone can easily adapt to their own needs and concrete environment. Calculations that will grow with the user’s deepened experience, thanks to the modular character allowing several simple calculations be combined into more complex framework tailored to very specific and unique tasks.

The top facts that give us the confidence to believe prospective users will appreciate our solutions:

Our users are a diverse group of independent engineers and small manufacturers, universities, as well as a number of large global manufacturing companies. They all apply MITCalc solvers to a wide variety of engineering problems, from constructions of single-purpose machines to designing of entire production lines. Our customers come from all major industries - the automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace, but we have many users in niche fields as well, including developers of weaponry and space equipment.