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The MITCalc Calculation package is offered either as one year subscription or as a time unlimited license. You can also purchase individual calculation.

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MITCalc 2D/3D Calculation Package

Set of all calculations, 2D CAD support, link to 3D CAD (SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge), parametric models.

Subscription for one year 89.00 € Purchase
Full license (without time limitation) 299.00 € Purchase
MITCalc for PTC Creo can be purchased from COGRAS spol. s r.o.
MITCalc Standalone Calculations

2D CAD support, link to 3D CAD (SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge), parametric models.

Beams, Shafts, Profiles
Straight Beams with a Constant Cross-section 15.00 € Purchase
Shafts - Design, Deformation, Strength Test 22.00 € Purchase
Profiles - Static Characteristics 12.00 € Purchase
Slender Strut (column) Buckling 15.00 € Purchase
Power Screw and Ball Screw 32.00 € Purchase
Plates and Shells
Plates 16.00 € Purchase
Shells 22.00 € Purchase
Spur Gear - External 36.00 € Purchase
Spur Gear - Internal 36.00 € Purchase
Spur Gear - Gear Rack 36.00 € Purchase
Bevel and Hypoid Gears 36.00 € Purchase
Worm Gear 26.00 € Purchase
Epicyclic Gear 36.00 € Purchase
Belts and Chains
V-Belts 16.00 € Purchase
Toothed Belts 16.00 € Purchase
Roller Chains 16.00 € Purchase
Multiple Pulley Transmission 12.00 € Purchase
Brakes, Clutches, Flywheels
Friction Brakes and Clutches 28.00 € Purchase
Flywheels 24.00 € Purchase
Rolling Bearings I - SKF 24.00 € Purchase
Rolling Bearings II - Inch 24.00 € Purchase
Rolling Bearings III - INA/FAG 24.00 € Purchase
Hydrodynamic plain bearings (radial + axial) 34.00 € Purchase
Tolerances 15.00 € Purchase
Tolerance Analysis 34.00 € Purchase
Bolted Connection 26.00 € Purchase
Shafts Connection using Keys and Splines 22.00 € Purchase
Force Couplings of Shafts with Hubs 22.00 € Purchase
Pinned Couplings 16.00 € Purchase
Welded Connections 26.00 € Purchase
Compression Springs 22.00 € Purchase
Tension Springs 22.00 € Purchase
Torsion Springs 22.00 € Purchase
Springs - 15 Types 26.00 € Purchase
Tools and Tables
Thermal Properties of Materials 15.00 € Purchase
Technical Formulas 14.00 € Purchase
Fluid mechanics 22.00 € Purchase

Note: A license purchased for an individual calculation also unlocks the following calculations as a bonus:

FileSearch (Indexation and calculation search), GearAdd (Design of the transmission ratio), Vehicle Aerodynamics (simulation of vehicle motion), External Ballistics (simulation of the firing of various types of bullets), Conversions of units, Viscosity calculation.

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